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Tooth Bonding in Port St Lucie, FL

Port St. Lucie Tooth Bonding at Lucie Dental

Naturally Strong

Your teeth are naturally strong. In fact, the enamel on your teeth is the strongest part of your body. However, it is relatively easy to chip a tooth. You don’t have to be hit in the face by a baseball or get into a fight to get a chipped tooth. Instead, something as simple as drinking from a bottle or a water fountain or even chewing ice can chip or damage a tooth.

That’s where tooth bonding comes in. Tooth bonding can help repair damaged teeth when the underlying tooth and root are strong and a replacement tooth is not called for. If you are suffering from a chipped or damaged tooth, contact us at Lucie Dental for a tooth bonding consultation!

What is Tooth Bonding?

Good as New

The process of tooth bonding is a necessary cosmetic dental procedure that repairs a damaged tooth. In addition, tooth bonding can help with discolored teeth, gaps between teeth, and even a tooth that is shorter than the rest of the teeth. The bond in tooth bonding is a composite resin that can make your tooth look as good as new. Tooth bonding works best for chips in teeth where the underlying structure of the tooth, its roots, are still intact and not damaged or severely decayed.

Tooth Bonding in Port St. Lucie, FL

What are the benefits of Tooth Bonding?

Endure the Test of Time

At our practice in Port St. Lucie Tooth bonding can repair a damaged tooth that has been chipped or broken. The bonding agent is matched to your existing teeth in order to make them cosmetically pleasing. But this isn’t just a cosmetic procedure. Tooth bonding is important to your overall oral health. Not only does it help you chew properly, but it also keeps your tooth from decay and damage that could affect surrounding teeth. This procedure can help with improved tooth shape, size, and function.

Your Tooth Bonding Consultation

Restore and Repair

During your consultation for Tooth Bonding Port St Lucie dental experts at our practice will discuss your goals and examine your mouth, including taking X-rays. If we determine you’re a good candidate for tooth bonding, we will match the bond color to your teeth color. Patients who are satisfied with the color of their teeth and do not plan on bleaching them are the best candidates for tooth bonding. If you feel you are going to bleach your teeth, you should discuss that with your dental professional, as bleaching the teeth will leave the tooth bond its original color.

Your Tooth Bonding Procedure

Simple Procedure

If you are having a tooth bonded close to a nerve, you will probably be given anesthesia, although most normal tooth bonding procedures do not require it. This outpatient procedure also doesn’t require anesthesia unless there is severe damage to the tooth. First, we will choose a composite resin color that matches the tooth’s natural color. We will then prepare a bond by creating a rough surface for the bond to adhere to. The composite material is then added to the area and molded to repair the damage. After that, a UV light is used to cure the composite bond.

Tooth Bonding in Port St. Lucie, FL

Tooth Bonding Results

Perfect Your Smile

After the tooth bonding procedure, your chipped or broken tooth will be beautifully restored. Any minor imperfection can be repaired through the tooth bonding procedure, and because it is simple and painless, it is an excellent, non-invasive way to repair a chipped tooth.

Tooth Bonding Recovery and Aftercare

Beautiful Teeth

While there is very little recovery time after the procedure, there are some things to remember. Tooth Bonding will repair the tooth, but it will never be quite as strong as your natural enamel. It is important not to do things like chew ice or hard candies that might affect the bonded tooth.

Additional Reading

Of course, these types of foods are not good for your natural teeth, but they are especially bad for bonded teeth. The resin in your tooth bonding process does not resist stains as teeth enamel does, so it may be affected by coffee, red wine, or other long-term stains such as smoking. Unfortunately, we are unable to whiten tooth bond material either. Despite the care you must take with your bonded tooth, we’re confident you will be pleased with the outcome of your tooth bonding procedure!

Tooth Bonding Frequently Asked Questions

Because the UV light completely dries the bonding material, you are able to eat and drink as soon as your appointment is over. However, you may be sensitive to heat and cold food for a couple of days after the tooth bonding procedure.

One thing you can do to take care of your bonded tooth and for your overall dental health is to use an electric toothbrush, which is gentler on your teeth and gums while providing excellent cleaning of plaque with less pressure.

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