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Bone Grafting in Port St Lucie, FL

Bone Grafting at Lucie Dental

Mitigate Bone Loss

Not everyone enjoys a sturdy jawbone for life. Jawbone loss can occur due to periodontal disease, facial injuries, congenital conditions, or dental procedures such as extractions, or denture or implant placement. When it seems like you’ve got bone loss, Dr. Scott Azari and his team of dental professionals might recommend dental Bone Grafting in Port St. Lucie at Lucie Dental. You don’t have to live with poor bone density in your jaw. Contact our office today for a consultation.

What is Bone Grafting?

Restore Lost Bone

Bone Grafting is a procedure that adds volume to the bone area of your jaw where bone loss has occurred. The bone grafting material may be taken from your own body, a human donor, or synthetic bone may be utilized. Bone grafting surgeries are done to restore the bone to its previous level following bone loss, gum disease, jaw trauma, or tooth extraction.

Bone Grafting in Port St. Lucie, FL

What are the benefits of Dental Bone Grafting?

Safe and Permanent

At our practice in Port St. Lucie Bone grafting can restore volume to the jaw after trauma, periodontal disease, or in preparation for dental implants. Bone grafting is used when the jaw bone is insufficient to attach dental implants to. Bone grafting and bone augmentation procedures have been around for quite some time and are safe and effective ways to add volume to the jaw bone. Bone grafting also helps prevent surrounding tissue from collapsing after surgical procedures, allowing healing. In addition, dental bone grafting is a permanent and safe solution to bone loss.

Your Bone Grafting Consultation

Pump up the Bone Volume

Bone grafting surgery is performed to increase the bone volume in the part of the jaw where the bone has been lost or where you need additional support. For example, if you are in need of dental implants and need additional bone volume to anchor the implants, or if you have bone loss due to trauma, teeth extraction, or gum disease, are in relatively good health, and don’t have any mouth infections, you are a good candidate for dental bone grafting. Bone loss in your jaw can cause problems with surrounding teeth and, in some cases, can cause problems with surrounding teeth and gums. Smokers have less success with dental bone grafting procedures as nicotine prevents healing.

Your Dental Bone Grafting Procedure

Generate New Bone Structure

Dental bone grafting surgery is relatively easy to perform. An incision is made in your jaw to graft bone material to your bone. The donor bone will help develop new bone cells surrounding the bone. The donor bone fuses with the existing bone, and new bone material is generated. Dental bone grafting surgery can be done as outpatient surgery under general anesthesia. In preparation for your procedure, do not eat or drink anything for eight to 12 hours, depending on the anesthesia you will be administered. In addition, we will discuss your use of blood thinners prior to surgery, as this may be contraindicated due to the nature of this surgery.

Bone Grafting in Port St. Lucie, FL

Bone Grafting Results

Stronger Jaw Bone

After your dental bone grafting, you will take antibiotics and either over-the-counter or prescription pain medication. It takes approximately three to nine months for the graft to heal and to build new grafted bone material. If you are having a dental bone grafting to anchor implants, after the healing period, the titanium screw that anchors your bone graft is removed, and the implants are then placed into the new, stronger jaw bone.

Bone Grafting Recovery and Aftercare

Fresh Smile

Because of the anesthesia administered during the surgery, you will need someone to drive you home. You will leave the office with gauze packed around your incision. You should leave this in until the doctor recommends you remove it and change the dressings. You should apply ice packs for the first day or two to help alleviate pain and swelling. You should also eat soft and bland food for the first few days and avoid crunchy foods during the initial recovery period. Avoid hot foods and liquids as well. Post-procedure soreness should diminish after a week, and there will only be mild discomfort after that for a few weeks. It is important to follow all the directions you’re given after your surgery for optimal results.

Bone Grafting Frequently Asked Questions

The main side effects after bone grafting surgery are pain and swelling of the jaw and the area of the bone graft. This can be mitigated with the use of ice packs and prescription or over-the-counter pain medicine.

There is very little preparation necessary for a dental bone graft. However, you should stop smoking at least two weeks prior to and after the surgery, as smoking hinders the healing process.

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