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Dental Crowns in Jupiter, FL

Jupiter, FL,-Area Dental Crowns at Lucie Dental

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If you have a severe cavity or tooth decay, and a filling alone won’t fix it, then you may be a candidate for a dental crown. Dental crowns are used in order to cover, protect, and restore a damaged tooth. Most dental crowns are made of durable ceramics and are molded to fit over the tooth down to the gum line, restoring the tooth’s structure and function. If you have a problematic tooth that can’t be fixed by a filling, contact us at Lucie Dental, conveniently located to serve Jupiter, FL, and communities throughout the Treasure Coast, for a consultation for a dental crown today! We offer comfortable, high-quality same-day crowns using the latest techniques and technologies.

What are Dental Crowns?

Same-Day Service

Dental crowns are covers that fit over a damaged or decaying tooth in order to protect the tooth and restore its shape. Think of a dental crown as a cap for your tooth. When you have a cavity, if a large portion of the tooth needs a filling, a dental crown might be a better option than a filling alone.

Dental Crowns in Jupiter, FL

What are the benefits of Dental Crowns?

Multiple Benefits

Our Jupiter dental crown patients, found this procedure useful for numerous reasons:

  • If a tooth is decayed or broken, a dental crown can protect the tooth or hold a broken tooth together and keep it from fracturing further
  • It can restore a broken or worn down tooth
  • It can cover a tooth with a very large filling that leaves little tooth remaining
  • A dental crown can hold a bridge in place
  • It can cover severely discolored or misshapen teeth
  • It can cover a dental implant
  • It can cover a tooth that has been fixed with a root canal

Your Dental Crowns Consultation

Support When You Need It

When you arrive at our office, we will examine your problem tooth in a focused exam to ascertain what damage there is to the tooth and what the best course of action may be. You may be a good candidate for a dental crown if you have a tooth with more advanced damage or decay. If you are in otherwise relatively good dental health, you should have no problems having a dental crown placed.

Your Dental Crowns Procedure

High-Tech Solutions

In the past, having a dental crown placed usually required two appointments. However, with our same-day crown system, we are able to create and fit your crown in one visit! When you arrive at our office, our dental professional will take a 3D image of the problem area of your mouth using an intraoral camera and computer-aided design. Using this model, we create the same-day crown in a specialized machine that creates the tooth on-site. Once the crown is created, we fit it on the damaged tooth, and you are free to go about your day!

Dental Crowns in Jupiter, FL

Dental Crowns Results

Long-Lasting Results

Results from your same-day dental crowns are just as effective as traditional crowns. On average, these crowns last 15 years or longer with proper care. The dental porcelain they are made from is very durable. Because of the computer-aided design of the crown, the fit is better than a crown that is made from an impression, so there is less chance of the crown not fitting correctly.

Dental Crowns Recovery and Aftercare

Recovery is Easy

The recovery period after a same-day dental crown procedure is several days. After your crowns have been fit, it is important not to eat hard or sticky food for the first 24 hours. It is also important not to eat or drink for the first 30 minutes after the crown is cemented in order to let the cement set. You should also brush and floss very carefully during the recovery period. Any irritation or discomfort can be easily managed with over-the-counter medication.

Dental Crowns Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional crowns can take multiple appointments to make and fit and often do not fit properly. With same-day crowns, the dental crowns are made on-site using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, so these crowns fit better than traditional crowns.

If you think you may require a same-day dental crown to treat a decayed or damaged tooth or a broken crown, contact Lucie Dental to schedule an appointment for a Dental Crown in Jupiter.

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