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Same Day Crowns in Jupiter, FL

Same Day Crowns at Lucie Dental

Fast and Effective

In the past, having a crown placed meant multiple visits to the dentist. Crowns also had to be cast using a messy putty that was uncomfortable and did not always create an accurate impression of the teeth. With same day crowns Jupiter patients at Lucie Dental no longer have to deal with messy impressions or wait for the crown to be made offsite. Instead, your crowns are measured, created, and fitted on the same day! Contact us at Lucie Dental for your same day crown consultation today.

What are Same Day Crowns?

Amazing Results

For teeth that are missing a large surface area from problems like decay or damage, a crown can protect the tooth and improve its strength. A crown is much like a cap that fits over the damaged tooth to protect it. Crowns can also help protect the integrity of surrounding teeth. Same day crowns are the same as traditional crowns except that they are milled onsite using our advanced technologies. Because they are created with the assistance of a digital scan, same-day crowns may also fit better than crowns created from a mold. Same-day crowns are faster, safer, and more effective than traditional crowns.

Same Day Crowns in Jupiter, FL

What are the benefits of Same Day Crowns?

A Cap for Your Tooth

For those patients who don’t have the time or the inclination to wait for two weeks for a traditional crown, same day crowns are the way to go. There is no need to wait more than two hours for your tooth to be functional and beautiful again. You also do not need to have a temporary crown, which usually doesn’t fit as well or look as natural as the permanent crown. At our practice, serving patients in Jupiter Same day crowns allow you to restore the look and feel of your natural teeth in one visit.

Your Same Day Crowns Consultation

Save on Time

Large dental fillings that leave the walls of the tooth compromised, missing teeth, broken or cracked teeth, and severe dental decay are the most common problems solved by same day crowns. At your consultation, we will listen carefully to your questions and concerns and conduct a full examination of your mouth as well as a general medical evaluation to determine if you’re a good candidate for same-day crowns. During this consultation, we will examine your teeth to see if you have any gum disease that needs to be treated prior to your receiving a crown.

Your Same Day Crowns Procedure

High-Quality Ceramic Crowns

Lucie Dental, located near Jupiter, FL, uses 3D images of your damaged teeth captured with an intraoral camera. We then create your same day crown using a specialized machine which is much more accurate than the old putty impressions system. Once the crown is manufactured, we will attach it to the damaged tooth with cement, adjust it, and then you will be on your way. The whole process takes about two hours!

Same Day Crowns in Jupiter, FL

Same Day Crowns Results

Amazing Results

Our CEREC machine creates crowns that fit better than traditional crowns because of the intraoral camera we use to measure the damaged tooth. Same day crowns can last for more than ten years with proper care and maintenance. Same day crowns are made from durable dental porcelain and are just as safe and effective as traditional crowns.

Same Day Crowns Recovery and Aftercare


You are going to be so pleased with your durable new same day crown, you’re going to want to celebrate! It is important to let the novocaine wear off before eating anything in order to prevent you from damaging your inner cheek. You can resume your regular diet after 30 to 45 minutes but should avoid hot or cold foods until all the pain and sensitivity have diminished. Avoid sticky or crunchy food until the cement has fully set, as these can cause the crown to come loose. Some sensitivity and soreness are to be expected, but these can be alleviated with over-the-counter pain medicine. When your recovery is over, you will have a crown that is just as beautiful and effective as a normal tooth.

Same Day Crowns Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance most often does cover same day crowns because they are necessary for overall oral health.

While we can’t deny the biggest benefit is the time advantage of same day crowns, the CEREC machine also creates a better fitting, stronger crown than traditional crowns.

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