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Amber's Dental Crown Testimonial Lucie Dental


Amber's first visit to Lucie Dental was for routine fillings, and she soon returned for a crown. Since her first visit, she's appreciated the friendliness of the dentists and the staff. Dr. Scott Azari and the entire staff have helped Amber smile with confidence and made her feel comfortable every time she visits.

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1 00:00:04.886 --> 00:00:09.830 My first visit was a year and a half ago about when they first opened up, 2 00:00:09.831 --> 00:00:15.271 and I got cavities filled, and had to come back for a crown. 3 00:00:15.600 --> 00:00:19.880 When I first came into Lucie Dental, I loved the environment. 4 00:00:19.900 --> 00:00:22.757 It was quick and easy to schedule an appointment. 5 00:00:22.758 --> 00:00:26.443 The workers were very friendly, and you can tell that Dr. Azari 6 00:00:26.444 --> 00:00:28.357 takes care of his patients. 7 00:00:28.386 --> 00:00:29.963 When I first came here, 8 00:00:29.964 --> 00:00:33.400 I had a bad experience at a previous dental office, 9 00:00:33.929 --> 00:00:39.671 and I came here and had a great experience with Dr. Azari. 10 00:00:39.743 --> 00:00:43.868 The results actually changed my life because now I could smile 11 00:00:43.869 --> 00:00:48.143 without any worries of any dental issues, and I'm not scared to show it. 12 00:00:48.144 --> 00:00:53.929 I feel like Lucie Dental is unique because of the environment 13 00:00:54.843 --> 00:00:58.200 that you could tell that the workers really do care, 14 00:00:58.201 --> 00:01:01.500 and they're involved, and they really do take care of their patients. 15 00:01:01.686 --> 00:01:08.600 Dr. Azari makes me feel very comfortable, very fearless of any concerns of going 16 00:01:08.601 --> 00:01:11.886 to a dentist again after having previous issues. 17 00:01:12.670 --> 00:01:16.786 He addresses all of my concerns and actually pays attention. 18 00:01:16.787 --> 00:01:18.272 I would like to say thank you 19 00:01:18.273 --> 00:01:21.986 to the doctor and the team for making me feel confident again. 20 00:01:22.143 --> 00:01:24.586 I would absolutely recommend this practice.

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